do newborn goats sleep a lot


Do newborn goats sleep a lot?

Newborn goats, or kids, are incredibly cute, but most people don’t know how much they actually sleep. Goats as a species tend to be more alert than humans and other animals, but is this true for new kids?

Newborn Goats Sleep A lot

Yes, newborn goats do sleep a lot. They usually sleep for between four to six hours at a time, although this can depend on the individual goat. Newborn goats usually spend almost 16 hours a day sleeping in the first few weeks of their lives.

Factors Affecting Sleep Pattern

A newborn goats sleep pattern may also depend on certain factors such as:

  • Food: Kids that are eating often usually take more frequent naps.
  • Weather: Goats prefer temperatures of 68 to 72° Fahrenheit for the best sleep.
  • Environment: Kids that are in a comfortable, secure environment tend to be better rested.

Preparing A Comfortable Sleep Environment

Newborn goats need a comfortable place to sleep. This may include a pen with soft bedding, hay or blankets. The area should also be draft proof, well-ventilated and free of predators. If you plan on housing multiple kids together, make sure that the enclosure has enough space for each of them to sleep in.


In conclusion, newborn goats do sleep a lot. However, this sleep pattern may be different from individual to individual, and may also depend on certain factors such as food, weather and environment. It is important to make sure that the sleep environment is comfortable and secure for the best sleep.