does anyone still play metal gear online


Does Anyone Still Play Metal Gear Online?

The Metal Gear series of video games has been around since 1987 and is one of the biggest and most beloved franchises in gaming. It is no surprise then that its multiplayer spinoff, Metal Gear Online, attracted a huge fanbase after its release in 2008.

History of Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Online was released as an add on for the highly successful Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, following the exploits of Solid Snake. It features a lobby style lobby mode in which players can chat and interact as well as various objective-based game modes. The objective-based game modes include the “Capture Mission,” “Sneaking Mission,” and “Team Death Match,” and they all featured team-based tactics, weapon customization, and various characters and special abilities. With the success of the game, additional updates and DLC were released to add new features and characters.

Can You Still Play Metal Gear Online?

Unfortunately, Metal Gear Online was officially discontinued in 2012 due to declining player numbers, but some fans have been able to keep it alive. There are still some dedicated servers that are available online and actively hosting games, however they may not be the most reliable and can be prone to disconnects.

Though the original servers have been discontinued, there are still some dedicated fan servers that are available for anyone still looking to experience the game. You can also still find the original version of the game on Playstation Network for those looking to jump into the action on their consoles.


Even though the original servers may no longer be active, Metal Gear Online still has a dedicated group of fans that are helping keep the game alive. Though it may be hard to find consistent online play, with the help of the dedicated servers, anyone can still experience the thrill of the classic Metal Gear Online.