does anyone still play metal gear online


Does Anyone Still Play Metal Gear Online?

Metal Gear Online (MGO) was an online multiplayer spinoff for the Metal Gear series. It was first released in the United States in 2008 for the PlayStation 3. The game has since gone through some significant changes but the core game is still the same.

MGO was a 3rd person tactical shooter where players would fight against each other in competitive matches. The game featured many of the same mechanics from the single player games such as stealth and CQB (close quarters battle) elements.

Who Still Plays MGO?

It’s been almost 8 years since MGO was released, but there is still a small but dedicated group of players who still enjoy the game. The majority of MGO players are from Europe, however there are still players from all over the world who enjoys it.

What Is Unique About MGO?

What sets MGO apart from other online shooters is the focus on tactics rather than all out action. Players must use strategy and stealth to overcome their opponents. This can lead to very intense and immersive skirmishes where every decision can cost the player the match.

MGO also features “Emblem Matches” which adds an RPG element to the game. Emblems are earned by completing tasks and can be used to customize your character.

Why Should People Still Give MGO a Chance?

MGO is a unique and fun experience that can’t be found in many other online shooters on the market.

The intense and strategic nature of the game makes it great for competitive play. There is still an active competitive community that organizes weekly tournaments and other events.

MGO also features a “content-rich” experience. The game includes more maps, weapons, and items than other shooters out there.

Finally, MGO is still an enjoyable game to play with friends. The online matchmaking system allows players to join each other in games quickly and easily.


MGO has been around for 8 years now, but it’s still an enjoyable online shooter. The unique and strategic gameplay makes it great for competitive play. It also features a content-rich online experience with more maps, weapons, and items than other shooters. And finally, it’s still a great game to play with friends.

If you’ve never given MGO a try before, now is the perfect time to jump in and give it a shot.