does baby know when dad touches belly



Does a Baby Know When His Dad Touches His Belly?

It is one of the most talked about topics among new parents: does a baby know when his dad touches his belly during pregnancy? There have been many theories and beliefs surrounding this question, making it hard to know the exact answer. But, according to research and expert opinion, the answer is yes.

How Does the Baby React When Touched?

When the dad touches his pregnant partner’s belly, the baby inside is likely to initially become startled by the unusual sensation and movement. This can cause him to move away or kick in response. If the father touches again, the baby may move back or kick again. Over time, the baby can become familiar with the sensation as he begins to recognize the movement and differentiate it from other sensations like hunger.

Is Touching the Baby Beneficial?

Having the father interact with the baby in utero is believed to help foster a deeper connection between them after the baby is born. Research suggests that babies may be able to recognize their dad’s touch before they are born, and that those babies can feel closer to their father and be more open to interactions with him after they are born. Additionally, skin-to-skin contact between a dad and his newborn baby can help the baby to regulate his body temperature and breathing, and it can help him to gain weight more quickly.

What Are the Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact?

    • Reduce Stress: Skin-to-skin contact can help to reduce the baby’s stress level, which can help with his overall development.


    • Increase Oxytocin: Fathers who touch their babies in utero can increase the baby’s oxytocin levels, which can help with bonding and attachment.


    • Foster Bonding: Touching his baby in utero can also help to foster an early bond between the father and baby that can last even after the baby is born.


In conclusion, research suggests that a baby can recognize when his dad touches his belly during pregnancy. Having the father interact with his baby in utero can have many benefits, such as reducing stress and helping the baby to bond with his father. Therefore, it is beneficial for all parties involved for dads to touch their babies in utero.