Easy Tactics to Remove Hair from Your Baby’s Eye Safely and Painlessly


As a new parent, one of the challenges that you may face is the removal of hair from your baby’s eyes. The hair may muddle up with the tears, dust and other particles, causing irritation, discomfort or even infection. Pulling or tugging at the hair to remove it can cause your baby pain or even injury. Therefore, it is important to learn tactics for safe and painless removal.

Importance of Removing Hair from Baby’s Eye

It is important to remove hair from your baby’s eye as soon as you notice it. Hair in the eye can cause irritation or discomfort, leading to tears, rubbing or scratching of the eye, and redness. In some cases, the hair can cause injury or infection by introducing germs into the eye. Removing the hair as soon as possible helps your baby to feel comfortable and avoid such risks.

Risks Associated with Improper Removal

Improper removal can be risky and cause more harm than good. Yanking or tugging at hair can cause pain or even pull out eyelashes or eyebrows, leading to an uneven or patchy appearance. Introducing foreign objects into the eye, such as dirty fingers or unsanitized tools, can cause infection or injury. Scratching or rubbing the eye in an attempt to manipulate the hair can damage the cornea and lead to vision problems.

Techniques for Safe and Painless Removal

Here are some tactics to make sure you safely and painlessly remove any hair from your baby’s eyes:

Soften the Hair

Gently rub petroleum jelly or baby oil on the baby’s lashes and eyebrow, softening the hair and making it easy to remove.

Use a Clean Cotton Swab

Dip a cotton swab into warm water or saline solution and gently swipe it across the hair to moisten. Gently lift it away from the eye, taking care not to touch the eye itself.

Pull the Hair Gently

Grasp the hair gently between two fingers or tweezers and gently pluck it off in the direction of its growth. If the hair is too short to grip firmly, avoid pulling and seek professional help.

Seek Professional Help If Necessary

If you are unsure or uncomfortable with removing the hair, or your baby’s eye becomes red, sore or swollen after your attempts, it is best to seek help from a pediatrician or an eye care specialist.

Prevention of Hair in Baby’s Eye

Here are some tips to prevent hair from getting into your baby’s eye:

Keep Hair Tied Up

Tie hair bands or scrunchies tightly at the nape of the neck to keep hair from falling into your baby’s face.

Use Hair Accessories to Keep Hair Away from the Face

Use caps, hats or headbands to keep the hair away from the face while your baby sleeps or naps.

Regularly Trim Hair

Trimming hair regularly can prevent it from falling into the eyes and maintain a neat appearance.


Removing hair from your baby’s eye effectively ensures that your baby remains comfortable and healthy. It takes patience, skill, and gentle hands to execute the techniques given. Keeping the hair tamed and away from the eyes is an easy and effective way to prevent hair from entering the eyes altogether. The key is to be aware of the dangers of improper hair removal from your baby’s eyes and take steps to avoid it.