Exclusive Interview: Zac Confirms He’s Karen’s Baby Daddy!


After months of speculation, we finally got the chance to sit down with Zac and ask him the question that has been on everyone’s mind: is he the father of Karen’s baby?

Background Information

Karen and Zac had been dating for a few months before news of her pregnancy broke. The media was quick to jump on the rumors that Zac may be the father, but both Karen and Zac remained tight-lipped about the matter.

The Interview

We asked Zac straight up if he was the father of Karen’s baby, and he hesitated for a few seconds before admitting that yes, he is indeed the baby’s father. He explained that he and Karen had a brief fling and that she found out she was pregnant shortly after they ended things.

We asked Zac how he felt about the situation, and he said that although it wasn’t planned, he was ready and willing to take on the responsibilities of being a father. He expressed his excitement about the prospect of raising a child with Karen and was looking forward to being a part of the baby’s life.


So there you have it: Zac has officially confirmed that he is Karen’s baby daddy. We wish them all the best as they navigate this new journey together.


It’s always interesting to get the inside scoop on celebrity gossip, especially when it involves something as personal as a new addition to their family. Zac’s confirmation provides closure to the rumors and leaves us with the hope that he and Karen will be great co-parents to their child.