Exclusive: Zac Revealed as Karen’s Baby Daddy Sistas!


After months of speculation and rumors, the truth is finally out: Zac is the father of Karen’s baby!

The Background

Karen has been a mainstay on Sistas! since the show’s debut, and her pregnancy storyline had fans on the edge of their seats. Now, with the announcement of Zac as the baby daddy, the drama has reached new heights.

Zac: Karen’s Baby Daddy

So who exactly is Zac? According to sources close to Karen, Zac is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for fitness and travel. The pair are said to have met through mutual friends and hit it off right away.

Details on their relationship have been scarce, but sources say that Karen and Zac have been romantically involved for over a year. According to insiders, Zac was shocked but ultimately thrilled to learn he was going to be a father.

Reactions and Responses

The announcement of Zac as Karen’s baby daddy has been met with a flurry of reactions. Karen’s friends and family are said to be overjoyed, with one insider describing the news as “the best thing to happen to Karen in a long time.”

Social media has also been abuzz with news of Zac and Karen’s baby, with many fans expressing their support for the couple. However, not everyone has been positive. Some have criticized Karen for keeping the identity of the baby daddy a secret for so long, while others have expressed skepticism about Zac’s intentions.

For his part, Zac seems to be taking the attention in stride. He has reportedly been keeping a low profile since news of the pregnancy broke, but sources say that he is excited to be a dad and looking forward to co-parenting with Karen.

The Future

With the revelation of Zac as Karen’s baby daddy, the future looks bright for the couple. Sources say that they are already making plans for the baby’s arrival and are excited about the prospects of co-parenting together.

While the news of Zac as Karen’s baby daddy may have come as a surprise, it is clear that both parties are committed to making the best of the situation. Fans of Sistas! will surely be eagerly watching as the story unfolds.


Overall, the announcement of Zac as Karen’s baby daddy has captivated fans of Sistas! and left them eager for more details. While the road ahead may be filled with challenges, it is clear that both Karen and Zac are ready to face them head-on.

We can only hope that the arrival of their baby will bring joy and happiness to their lives, and that their story will continue to inspire audiences around the world.