Expectant Mom Kayleigh Reveals Due Date for Her Baby


Expectant Mom Kayleigh Reveals Due Date for Her Baby

Kayleigh, an expectant mom, has revealed the due date for her baby. She and her husband, John, are expecting their first child on May 15th, 2021.

Revealing the News

Kayleigh and John were excited to share the news with their family and friends. They posted an announcement on their social media accounts, along with a photo of the couple holding a sign with the baby’s due date.

Preparing for Baby

The couple is now busy preparing for their little one’s arrival. They have already purchased the necessary items for the baby’s nursery, including a crib, a changing table, and a rocking chair. They are also stocking up on diapers, wipes, and other baby supplies.

Kayleigh’s Pregnancy Journey

Kayleigh has been documenting her pregnancy journey on her blog. She has posted photos of her growing baby bump, shared stories about her cravings, and talked about the changes she has experienced over the past few months.

Baby Shower Plans

Kayleigh and John are planning a virtual baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their baby. They are inviting family and friends to join them in this special event.

The Couple’s Excitement

Kayleigh and John are overjoyed to be expecting their first child. They are looking forward to meeting their little one and becoming parents.


Kayleigh and John’s due date for their baby is May 15th, 2021. The couple is busy preparing for the arrival of their little one and looking forward to meeting their bundle of joy.