Expecting soon: Kayleigh’s due date revealed!


Exciting news for Kayleigh and her family as they eagerly await the arrival of their new addition to the family. After months of anticipation, the due date for Kayleigh’s baby has finally been revealed.

Kayleigh’s Pregnancy Journey

Throughout her pregnancy, Kayleigh has faced various challenges and milestones. From morning sickness to ultrasounds, each moment has been a cherished memory for her and her partner. Despite some bumps in the road, her pregnancy has been a beautiful and fulfilling experience.

Baby’s Gender and Name

The couple is overjoyed to finally announce the gender of their baby. They are expecting a baby girl who they plan to name Lily. Lily is a name that holds significant meaning for them and the couple is thrilled to call their daughter by this name.

Preparations for the Arrival

Kayleigh and her partner have made all the necessary preparations for Lily’s arrival. From setting up the nursery to attending childbirth classes, they are ready to welcome their precious gift into the world. With the due date approaching quickly, the couple is excited and eager to meet their little one.

Words from Kayleigh and Partner

“I can’t wait to hold my little girl in my arms,” says Kayleigh. “This journey towards parenthood has been the most beautiful experience of our lives and we’re over the moon with excitement. I know our lives will change once she arrives, but I’m ready for this next chapter in our journey together.” Her partner shares the same excitement and joy, ready to start their new life as parents.


As the due date draws near, the couple’s excitement is contagious. Their preparation and unwavering love for their baby is inspiring. We wish Kayleigh and her family all the best as they welcome their little Lily into the world.