From Butter to Burn: Tips for Mastering Toast Baby in Who’s Your Daddy


Are you tired of burnt toast, overly buttered bread or undercooked bagel bites in Who’s Your Daddy? Look no further than these tips for mastering “toast baby,” the essential skill for all parents in the game.

What is “Toast Baby”? Why Master it?

“Toast baby” refers to the act of making toast, which is an important aspect of the game as it helps the baby maintain its hunger and health levels. Mastering this skill is crucial to your success as a parent in the game, not to mention it’s a great real-life skill to have as well.

Tips for Mastering “Toast Baby”

1. Choose the Right Bread

The type of bread you use can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making toast. Choose a bread that is sturdy and not too thick or too thin. This will help the bread toast evenly without burning or remaining uncooked.

2. Adjust the Browning Setting

Sometimes, the default setting on the toaster can be too high or too low, resulting in either burnt or undercooked toast. Adjust the browning setting to your preference, maybe 2-3 if you like it lightly toasted or 4-5 if you prefer a darker toast.

3. Use the Correct Amount of Butter

Butter is an essential ingredient to making toast, but using too much or too little can ruin the taste and texture. Use about half a tablespoon or less of butter per slice of bread.

4. Monitor the Toasting Process

Never leave the toaster unattended as it can easily burn the toast or cause a fire. Keep an eye on the toaster and remove the toast as soon as it turns a golden brown color.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Leaving the Toast Unattended

As mentioned earlier, never leave the toaster unattended as it’s a safety hazard and also results in burnt toast.

2. Overusing Butter

While butter is essential to making toast, too much of it can ruin the taste and consistency of the bread.

3. Choosing the Wrong Bread Type

Thick or sliced bread can be difficult to toast evenly, while thin or delicate bread can burn quickly. Choose a bread that is sturdy and not too thick or thin.


By following these tips and avoiding common mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to mastering “toast baby” in Who’s Your Daddy. And if you can master this skill in-game, you’ll have the real-life skills to make delicious toast for yourself and your loved ones.