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Manuela Arbelaez Welcomes Her Second Baby

Manuela Arbelaez, the model from the popular TV game show The Price is Right, has welcomed her second baby into the world.

The Colombian model took to social media on Saturday to announce the arrival of her daughter, Remy Rae.

“Our beautiful baby Remy Rae was born yesterday at 8:30pm,” she wrote alongside an Instagram photo of the baby girl’s tiny hand being held.

In the caption, Arbelaez wrote that Remy Rae will be joining her “very protective big sister Luna”, who is 3 years old.

Arbelaez’s Family Expansion

This new bundle of joy is the latest addition to Arbelaez’s family. In October 2020, Arbelaez announced that she and her husband, Ross Smith, were expecting their second child.

Arbelaez shared her pregnancy journey with her followers, documenting her daughter, Luna’s journey as a big sister in pictures and Instagram stories.

Compassion to Her Followers

Throughout her pregnancy, Arbelaez shared her struggles, concerns, and joys with her fans, offering advice and soliciting advice from her followers.

She opened up about her “pregnancy brain”, her cravings for foods, and the changes happening in her body. Arbelaez was honest about the fears she and her family were feeling because of the global pandemic.

In her Instagram post, Arbelaez thanked her followers for their “compassion, support, and understanding” throughout her pregnancy journey.

The Arbelaez Family

Arbelaez and her husband, Smith, have now welcomed their second child into the world, thus completing their family.

We congratulate the couple on their newest family member and wish them all the best!


    • A beautiful baby girl: The Arbelaez family welcomed their second baby into the world on Saturday.


    • Family of four: The couple are now the proud parents of two children – Remy Rae and Luna.


    • Honest journey: Throughout her pregnancy, Arbelaez documented her journey, providing advice and soliciting advice from her fans.