haven health camp verde


Haven Health Camp Verde: A Place of Well-being

Haven Health Camp Verde, located in the White Mountains of Arizona, is an affordable health retreat committed to promoting health and wellness through various holistic treatments. The camp is run by experienced practitioners and aims to help people find balance in their lives and get in tune with their own bodies.

A Rejuvenating Retreat

At Haven Health, you can enjoy an array of relaxing and healing activities. Some offerings include:

  • Yoga & Meditation – Unwind from your stressful life and take advantage of the serene environment to focus on your mind and body.
  • Nature Experiences – Get closer to nature by exploring the breathtaking landscape and taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking and bird watching.
  • Ayurvedic Treatments – Unwind with relaxing holistic treatments that emphasize both the body and the mind.
  • Organic Farming & Gardening – Get your hands dirty in the garden with activities such as composting, vegetable picking, and more.

The Benefits of Well-Being

At Haven Health Camp Verde, you can leave feeling fully restored. You’ll be surrounded by experienced practitioners who focus on your well-being as a whole. Each day, you will have the chance to learn about yourself from each activity and your self-awareness and well-being will blossom.

A Positive Change

Taking the time out to go on a retreat is a great way to reset and renew your body and mind. At Haven Health Camp Verde, you can expect to find a safe, healing atmosphere that will help you become more centered and connected to yourself. It’s the perfect place to find peace, strength, and joy in your life and make positive changes for yourself.