Here’s the Secret to Safely Removing Hair from Your Baby’s Eyes!



Hair often tends to get into a baby’s eyes, causing discomfort and irritation. It is essential to remove it from the eyes immediately to avoid harming the delicate eye area. Not only is it essential to use proper techniques and tools when removing hair from your baby’s eyes, but it is also important to do it safely.

Prepare for the Process

To safely remove hair from a baby’s eyes, it is necessary to gather the required items, such as a clean cloth and baby-friendly scissors. Choose a comfortable and well-lit area to work in and ensure that the baby is calm and relaxed.

Start with Cleanliness and Safety

Always begin the process by washing your hands thoroughly. Use a sterilized pair of scissors or trimmers to avoid introducing bacteria or other harmful substances. Hold the baby’s head steady and use a soft, clean cloth to wipe around the eyes and forehead.

Begin the Actual Process

Use scissors or trimmers to carefully snip away any strands of hair that have gotten into the baby’s eyes. Start from the outer edges and work your way inwards, taking care not to poke or damage the delicate skin. Take breaks as necessary to allow the baby to rest or move around.

Post-Procedure Care

Check the baby’s eyes carefully to ensure all hair has been removed. Use a clean cloth or gentle baby wipes to remove any stray hairs or debris left behind. Soothe the baby with a cuddle, a bottle, or another comforting activity.


Hair removal from a baby’s eyes is crucial to ensure their comfort and maintain their eye health. Follow these simple steps to safely do so, and if unsure, seek professional help.