how can i weigh my baby at home



How to Weigh Your Baby at Home

It is important for parents to pay regular attention to their baby’s growth, and one way to do this is by their body weight. Weighing your baby from home is relatively easy, and can be done without the need of investing in an expensive baby scale.

What You Will Need


    • A bathroom/grocery scale that can weigh up to 30-33 kgs


    • A blanket


Step 1: Set up the Scale and Blanket

Place the scale on a hard, flat surface. Make sure the surface is level, so that the accuracy of the measurements will be precise. Place the blanked over the scale, so that there is no risk of the baby slipping through the scale.

Step 2: Weigh Yourself

Carefully step on the scale by yourself – and remember to stay as still as possible. Take note of the number that appears on the scale – this is your reference weight, which will be used to calculate your baby’s weight.

Step 3: Pick Up Your Baby and Step on the Scale

Carefully and slowly pick up your baby and place them in your arms. Both you and your baby together should now step carefully and slowly onto the scale. Once on the scale, try to stay as still as possible.

Step 4: Read the Scale

Once you and your baby are comfortably on the scale, the readout of the scale should appear. This will be your baby’s total weight. To get an accurate measurement on your baby’s weight, take this number and subtract your reference weight from the first step.


Weighing your baby from home can gives parents the peace of mind when it come to tracking the growth and development of their little one. Although the process is fairly simple, it is very important to ensure accuracy of the measurements for the health of your baby.