how did luffy get gear 5


How Did Luffy Get Gear 5?

Gear 5 is one of the strongest forms of Luffy’s fighting style, Armament Haki. In this form of Haki, Luffy can generate immense strength and endurance, while also increasing his attack speed. It is arguably one of the most powerful moves in Luffy’s arsenal. So, how did Luffy get Gear 5?

Character Development

The first thing to note is that Luffy’s character development and growth throughout the series has been a major part of his gaining Gear 5. On the surface, Luffy has already demonstrated his strength and potential; by the time he reached the Whole Cake Island arc, he had achieved Haki mastery and the Gear 3rd form of Armament Haki.

But Luffy’s character development has been more than just the physical forms of power. Over the course of the story, Luffy has repeatedly demonstrated his courage, compassion, and justice, to the point of gaining the admiration of many of the other characters. This moral character and resolve, in addition to his physical power, allowed him to achieve Gear 5.


As with any power, gaining Gear 5 required an immense amount of training and work. Luffy had to train his Armament Haki to its fullest potential and develop his physical strength and stamina. He also had to learn to control and refine his Haki, allowing him to enhance the power of his attacks.

The journey to achieving Gear 5 was a difficult and long one, but it was made possible by the rigorous training sessions that Luffy underwent. In particular, he had to challenge and beat powerful opponents like Katakuri and Big Mom in order to push himself to the brink of his physical and Haki-related capabilities.

Inner Strength

Finally, Luffy’s inner strength played an important role in enabling him to achieve Gear 5. Throughout his journey, he has consistently drawn on his determination and resolve, even in the most desperate of situations. It is this inner strength that has allowed Luffy to achieve things that even other seasoned fighters could not. This inner power was also instrumental in proving Luffy with the drive needed to achieve Gear 5.


In conclusion, Luffy’s journey to getting Gear 5 was an intricately woven combination of several factors. His character development, rigorous training, and inner strength all played important roles in enabling him to realise this powerful form of Haki. And after pushing himself to the brink and beyond, Luffy was able to finally unlock Gear 5.