how do babies act when they know your pregnant



How do Babies Act when They Know You’re Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a special time that ushers in a new stage in life, and even children who are already part of your family react differently. They may not immediately understand what is happening, yet they can sense it, so it’s helpful to know what sort of behavior changes to expect.

Sympathy and Support

Older children will often be very supportive and understanding of the changes you are going through. They might take on extra chores around the house to allow you to rest more and cater to your physical and emotional needs. They might even bring you snacks throughout the day.


Children of all ages, but especially those 5 and under, will likely be curious and ask a lot of questions about your pregnancy. Some common ones you should expect include:

    • What does the baby look like?


    • Do I get to pick a name?


    • When can I meet baby?


Acting Out

It’s normal for children to exhibit some negative behaviors when they understand you are expecting. They may feel jealous of the attention you are receiving and of the new baby when he or she arrives. This can lead to younger children throwing tantrums or older kids being rude.

It is important to prepare your children for what to expect during the pregnancy and after the baby’s arrival. Talk to them about the differences they may notice, such as you being more tired, needing more time to yourself, and other ways that the baby’s arrival will change the family dynamics. With the right communication and support, you can ensure that your child has a positive reaction during the pregnancy and after.