how do you say baby in spanish


How to Say Baby in Spanish

Have you ever wondered how to say baby in Spanish? If so, you’re in the right place! Below you’ll learn the basics of saying “baby” in Spanish and learn a few variations to use in different contexts.

Basic Baby

The simplest way to say “baby” in Spanish is bebé. This version of the word is the most common and can be used in any situation, regardless of who you are speaking to.

Different Variations of Baby

Besides bebé, there are a few other variations you can use when speaking Spanish. Each of these variations has a slightly different definition and each is best used in different contexts and situations:

  • Niño/niña: This word is used most often to refer to a small child or toddler.
  • Ángel: This term is used to refer to a baby in an affectionate and endearing way.
  • Cariño: This word, which is often considered an endearment, can also be used to refer to a baby.


In summary, there are a few ways to say “baby” in Spanish. The most common and simplest way is bebé. There are also a few variations – niño/niña, ángel, and cariño – each of which is best used in different contexts and situations.