how heavy is firefighter gear


How Heavy Is Firefighter Gear?

Firefighting is just as much an art as a science, and firefighters need the right equipment to protect them during a rescue. But what is in this gear, and how much does it weigh?

Essential Equipment in Firefighter Gear

Most firefighters need the following gear:

  • Bunker gear/bunker coat and trousers: also referred to as turnout gear, this is a protective clothing ensemble which is chemically treated to be fire-resistant.
  • Boots: these protective and insulated boots are designed to protect the feet from heat, as well as keep the firefighter steady on their feet.
  • Helmet: this headgear is specially designed to protect a firefighter’s head from flames and debris, as well as provide protection from impacts.
  • Airpack: an airpack, or SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) allows the firefighter to access the most dangerous environments by providing air for them to breathe.
  • Tools: various tools are also carried by the firefighhter. These can include the halligan bar (which is used to force open doors and windows), axes, flashlights, and cutting tools.

So How Heavy Is Firefighter Gear?

The ensemble of gear that a firefighter wears weighs up to 70 pounds. However, it isn’t all pulled on at once. Boots, bunker gear and helmet are typically put on prior to entering a burning building, with the airpack and tools added if needed. The weight of the airpack alone is around 30 pounds.

Individual fire departments adjust the gear to suit their own needs making it lighter or heavier as required. New bunker gear is typically lighter than their older counterparts, but with some adjustments to the weight as necessary.

Regardless of the adjustments made, the total amount of gear that is worn by the firefighter should not exceed 70 pounds, as it could put too much strain on their bodies.

In conclusion, firefighter gear is designed to keep the firefighter safe while they carry out their essential duties. It can weigh up to 70 pounds, but with modern improvements it can weigh less.