how is gear score calculated wotlk


How is Gearscore Calculated in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King?

Gearscore is a numerical value that represents the overall power of a player’s gear in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. It is widely used to quickly compare and assess the equipment of players before engaging in group activities such as raids or PvP.

Gearscore Formula

The obvious answer to how gearscore is calculated is the mathematical formula used by WoW. This formula is based on the stats of the items a player has equipped, specifically Stamina, Defense, Strength, Agility, Intellect and Spirit.

The exact formula is: Gearscore = (Stamina + (2 x Defense) + (Intellect / 2) + (Spirit / 2) + (Agility) + (Strength * 2)).

Gearscore AddOn

Since the calculation is a bit complicated, Blizzard created the GearScore AddOn. This allows players to quickly scan and assess their equipment as well as that of their group members. It takes the stats of the items a player has equipped and uses the formula to calculate their gearscore.

Gearscore Ranks

The GearScore calculation assigns a numerical value to a player’s gear. The higher the value, the higher the quality of the gear. GearScore also sorts a player’s gear into tiers, which can help group leaders and raiders determine who is best suited to tackle a certain encounter. Here is a breakdown of the GearScore tiers and what each tier means:

  • Poor – Gearscore below 399
  • Common – Gearscore 400-599
  • Uncommon – Gearscore 600-799
  • Rare – Gearscore 800-999
  • Epic – Gearscore 1000-1199
  • Legendary – Gearscore 1200+

Gearscore can provide an accurate measure of a player’s combat effectiveness. Knowing how it’s calculated and what the tiers mean can help players make informed decisions before engaging in group activities.