how is gear score calculated wotlk


WOTLK Gear Score Calculation

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade (WoW: BC) has a feature to measure Gear Score. This guide will help you understand how gear score is calculated in the Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK) expansion.

What Determines Your Gear Score?

Your gear score in WOTLK is based on the item level of all the equipment you wear. Item Level (ILvl) is the overall quality of the item and is the main factor when calculating gear score.

Individual Gear Score

Each piece of gear has a unique item level, which determines its individual Gear Score. The higher the item level, the higher the individual Gear Score is for that piece of gear.

Overall Gear Score

Your overall Gear Score is calculated by adding up the item levels of all the gear you have equipped. The formula for calculating overall Gear Score is as follows:

  • Overall Gear Score = ( Total Item Levels of Equipped Gear ) * 10 = Gear Score

Maximizing Gear Score

If you want to maximize your Gear Score, you should aim to equip gear with high item levels. An easy way to do this is to craft or buy the best available gear in the game. You can also upgrade items you have with extra stats or from collecting better gear drops in dungeon runs.


Gear Score is a useful tool in WOTLK to measure the quality of your gear. You can maximize your Gear Score by equipping high item level gear and upgrading existing items.