how is health insurance calculated in child support


How is Health Insurance Calculated in Child Support?

Child support payments are determined in part by the cost of health insurance. Health insurance costs for a child are included in the calculation for both parents’ responsibility. Health insurance payments are the responsibility of the parent who has the coverage available to them. In certain cases, when neither parent has the ability to provide health insurance, the court may order a third party to provide the coverage.

Factors Considered During Calculation

When calculating health insurance costs in child support, the court takes a variety of factors into consideration, including:

  • Cost of Health Insurance – The court must determine the cost of the health insurance policy to be provided for the benefit of the child. This is set at a percentage of the actual cost of the policy.
  • Income of Both Parents – The incomes of both parents will be taken into consideration. Depending on the parent’s income, the court may order one or both parents to cover all or part of the health insurance premiums.
  • Child’s Medical Needs – The court will also assess any additional medical needs of the child that may increase the cost of the health insurance. These can include things like regular doctor visits, prescription medications, or medical equipment.

Calculating Health Insurance Costs

Once all of the factors outlined above have been taken into consideration, the court will issue an order for child support payments. The order will detail the amount that each parent is responsible for covering. The parent who is required to make the payments will be responsible for making the payments directly to the health insurance provider.

It is important to note that health insurance costs are not always factored into child support payments. If neither parent has the ability to provide health insurance for the child, the court could choose to exclude these costs or order a third party to pay premiums.


Health insurance costs are an important part of determining child support payments. The court takes into consideration the incomes of both parents, the cost of health insurance, and the medical needs of the child when determining who is responsible for covering these costs. Once the order is finalized, the payments are made directly to the health insurance provider. In some cases, the court may choose to exclude health insurance costs or order a third party to cover the premiums.