how long after smoking can you hold a baby



Holding a Baby After Smoking

As a parent, you want to make sure your baby is safe, and that means avoiding secondhand smoke. Knowing how long after smoking you can hold a baby is key to making sure your little one does not come in contact with potentially harmful particles from cigarettes.

How Long After Smoking Can You Hold a Baby?

It is generally recommended that you wait two hours after smoking cigarettes before holding a baby. Secondhand smoke from cigarettes can contain particles that can harm a baby’s lungs and overall health. Even if you are in another room or another part of the house before holding a baby, the smoke can linger in clothing, skin, and hair, so it is important to take preventative measures.

Steps to Take Before Holding a Baby

To protect your baby from exposure to secondhand smoke, consider these steps:

    • Take a shower or at least wash your hair, hands, and face before holding a baby.


    • Launder clothing, bedding, and blankets that may have been near you while smoking.


    • If you smoked in a vehicle,open the windows and allow the vehicle to air out before bringing it back into the house.


    • Never smoke in your house or in your car.


    • Never smoke around your baby.


Taking steps to keep your baby faces away from secondhand smoke can help keep your baby healthy. Following the two-hour rule and taking preventative measures can help ensure that your little one remains safe.