how long can a baby bird go without food



How Long Can a Baby Bird Go Without Food?

It is known that baby birds rely heavily on their parents or caregivers to provide nutritious, regular meals. But how long can a baby bird go without food until its life is put in danger?

Maximum Time Without Food

At a maximum, a baby bird can only survive up to three days without food. This time can vary depending on the baby bird’s age, species, and the current conditions. Young nestlings are most vulnerable and should be fed soon after hatching.

Signs of Hunger

If you find an abandoned baby bird, you should feed it as soon as possible. Here are some key signs that may indicate its need for nutrition:

    • Opened beak pointing upwards


    • Chirping and begging for food


    • Weakened posture, fluffed feathers, and sleepiness


    • Extended crop, a pouch where food is stored


Safety Measures

It is best to contact a local wildlife rehabilitation center for help. If a feeding attempt must be undertaken, only perform it if you know what to feed the baby bird and the proper feeding technique. An incorrect feeding procedure can cause more harm than good.

In conclusion, a baby bird can barely survive three days without food. If you come across a baby bird that needs to be fed, do not hesitate to contact a wildlife rehabilitation center for professional help.

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