how long can a baby rabbit go without food



How Long Can a Baby Rabbit Go Without Food?

Newborn baby rabbits, or kittens, need to start eating solid food within 10–12 days after birth. Their mom will provide them with her milk for the first seven to ten days and then gradually transition them to solid food. After this point, they should be eating only solid food and no longer relying on their mother’s milk.

But what if the kittens don’t have their mother’s milk or access to solid food? How long can they survive without food?

Baby Rabbits Can Survive for About a Week Without Food

Baby rabbits, just like any other mammal, can survive for about a week (seven days) without food. In this time, their bodies will use stored energy reserves, such as glucose and fat, to provide them with the energy they need to stay alive. After a week, however, the baby rabbits will become extremely weak and most likely will die from malnutrition.

Things to Consider

In addition to the amount of time they can go without food, there are a few other things you should consider if you have a litter of baby rabbits in your care:

    • Age: Younger kittens are more likely to die of starvation more quickly, as they are not yet able to adequately absorb nutrients from solid food.


    • Health: Healthy, well-nourished kittens are more likely to survive without food longer, as their bodies are able to better access and utilize stored energy reserves.


    • Environment: The environment in which the kittens live can also affect their ability to survive without food, as extreme temperatures and inadequate shelter can lead to rapid dehydration.


If you are caring for baby rabbits and have any questions or concerns, consult a veterinarian or animal care expert for guidance.