how long does newborn stage last


Newborn Stage – How Long Does It Last?

The newborn stage is a wonderous time in the life of a parent. But how long does it last?

What is the Newborn Stage?

The newborn stage is one of the earliest stages of a baby’s life and is generally accepted to last up until three months after their birth. During this period, babies experience rapid growth and development and will go through several milestones as they transition from an infant to a toddler.

What Happens During the Newborn Stage?

During this stage, babies will go through a rapid development as their bodies begin to adjust and adapt to a new environment. Some of the changes that happen during this time include:

  • Physical Development: Babies will grow in size and weight, their organs and bodily features will become more defined, and their muscles will begin to develop.
  • Cognitive Development: Babies will start to recognize and distinguish between sounds, sights, tastes, and even smell. They will also begin to interact with their environment in more complex ways.
  • Emotional Development: Babies will begin to react to their environment with emotions and facial expressions, and even start to form basic bonds with other people.

How Long Does the Newborn Stage Last?

The newborn stage officially ends when a baby reaches three months of age. At this time, they will transition into the infant stage, which lasts up until a full year.

After this, babies will start to explore and interact with the world around them more and more, until they eventually transition into the toddler stage.

Overall, the newborn stage is a miraculous and beautiful time, and parents should savor every moment of it.