how long to hold baby after feeding


How Long Should You Hold A Baby After Feeding?

It’s true that every baby is different. However, there are some general guidelines on how long to hold your baby after a feeding session.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Holding Baby After Feeding


  • Hold baby for 10-15 minutes after each feeding, or until they are content and ready to be put down.
  • Transfer your baby to a secure, safe area – like a crib or bassinet – when done holding.
  • Hold your baby skin to skin – this is a wonderful bonding experience that may help further comfort them.


  • Put your baby down right after a feeding without holding them, as this can disrupt their digestion process.
  • Hold your baby for longer than 30 minutes after a feeding session, as this can help induce sleep in infants.
  • Feed your baby in an elevated area, such as a bed or couch, and then put them down – use a secure crib or bassinet.

Why is Holding Your Baby After Feeding Beneficial?

When you hold a baby for a few minutes after a feeding, it helps to settle them. It can also help promote digestion process and helps to solidify the bond between the baby and parent. Additionally, some babies have a tendency to spit up more frequently after a feeding – if held in a supported upright position, this can help reduce the amount of spit up.

At the end of the day, every parent has to adjust based on what’s best for their baby. If your baby is content and appears comfortable after a feeding session, then don’t feel the need to hold them for longer than they need. Make sure to keep baby in a secure environment before, during and after a feeding session.