how many baby bath towels do i need



Deciding How Many Baby Bath Towels to Buy

Bath time for a newborn is an important part of getting prepped for bed. Keeping baby warm and clean is crucial for their health and wellbeing, and having the right equipment helps make this an inviting and comfort activity. So it’s important to ask yourself: how many baby bath towels do I need?

Step One – Consider Your Laundry Cycle

If you do laundry on a regular basis, then you may need fewer towels. However, if you don’t do laundry as often, then you’ll need enough towels to last between washes.

Step Two – Choose the Right Size

Newborns don’t need big towels. A hooded baby wrap should do the job! For older infants, a large towel such as a bath sheet is a better option. This will be good for wrapping them after their bath.

Step Three – Decide How Many You Need

It’s recommended to have at least three towels for everyday use. That way, you always have a clean towel to keep your baby clean and warm.

Other Tips

There are a few other things to consider when deciding the right number of baby towels:

    • Make sure you buy towels that are soft, comfortable, and gentle on a baby’s delicate skin.


    • Choose towels that are easy to launder and dry quickly.


    • Look for towels that are anti-bacterial and free of harsh chemicals.


    • Bright colors, cartoon characters, and hoods will help make bath time fun.


In conclusion, the amount of baby bath towels you need will depend on your washing schedule and the type of towel you buy. It’s a good idea to have at least three towels, to ensure you always have a clean one for your baby’s use.