how many baby rabbits in a litter


How Many Baby Rabbits in a Litter?

Baby rabbits, also known as kittens, can be found in litters that can vary in size from two to twelve. The average litter size for a wild rabbit is usually around four to five babies per litter. Domestic rabbit litters are usually larger than wild rabbit litters, often ranging from six to twelve babies.

Factors Affecting Litter Size

Several factors can play a part in determining the size of a rabbit litter, including a mother rabbit’s breed, health, and age. It is also possible for the same litter to contain different numbers of babies due to premature births or stillbirths.

Wild Rabbits

Wild rabbits can have multiple litters during the year as they breed seasonally. Their litters usually consist of three-six babies or “kittens”. The breeding season begins in late winter and continues through most of the summer. During the winter, rabbits will usually only have two litters.

Domestic Rabbits

Domestic rabbits on average will produce the largest litters of any of the members of the family Leporidae, with an average litter size of six to eight babies per litter. Domestic rabbits can have litters up to fourteen babies if the mother rabbit is young and healthy.

Physical Characteristics of Rabbit Litters

Rabbit litters are usually either all-black or all-white, with all the babies having the same colour fur. Brown and grey tones, as well as multicoloured babies, are possible but much rarer. Within the litter, it is also possible to have babies of different sizes, depending on which one was born first.

Important Elements for Caring for Baby Rabbits

When providing care for a rabbit litter, the following should be taken into account:

  • Food. Ensure that they have plenty of food, such as hay and pellets.
  • Water. Make sure that they have fresh water available at all times.
  • Heat. Provide a warm, draft free place for them to stay during cold weather.
  • Protection. Make sure they have a safe area away from predators.

Taking these factors into account can ensure that the baby rabbits in the litter have the best chance to grow and thrive.


The size of a rabbit litter can vary from two to twelve, depending on the breed, age, and health of the mother rabbit, as well as the season. Knowing the size of the litter and providing the basic necessities of food, water, heat, and protection can help ensure that the baby rabbits receive the best possible care.