how many crickets should a baby bearded dragon eat



Feeding Crickets to Baby Bearded Dragons

Whether you are considering getting a baby bearded dragon as a pet, or already have one, here’s all you need to know about feeding crickets to your baby dragon.

How Many Should Be Given

The number of crickets to give your baby bearded dragon depends on the size of your dragon. Generally, dragons of 2-3 inches should be offered 3-5 crickets per day. If your dragon is longer than 3 inches, you should give them 5-10 crickets per day.

What Size Crickets Should I Give?

The size of the crickets should be around the size of the space between your dragon’s eyes. If the crickets are too big, your dragon won’t be able to eat them.

What Is The Best Cricket Feeding Schedule?

You should offer your dragon crickets twice a day at the same time every day. This routine will help to ensure that your dragon is getting the nutrition they need each day.

Tips For Preparing The Crickets

    • Dust crickets with calcium powder: This will help to improve your dragon’s growth and development.


    • Tip the bowl of crickets: This will encourage your dragon to hunt for their food and keep them active.


    • Ensure your dragon stops eating: This will prevent overeating and the risks that come along with it.


Following these simple tips and feed your baby bearded dragon the correct number of crickets twice a day will ensure they will stay healthy and happy.