how many gears does a nissan juke have


How Many Gears Does a Nissan Juke Have?

When shopping for a car, it is important to consider many different factors, such as passenger capacity, speed, power, and transmission type. If you are looking for a vehicle with greater versatility, a Nissan Juke may be an ideal choice. But how many gears does a Nissan Juke come with?

Continuous Variable Transmissions (CVT)

The majority of Nissan Juke vehicles are outfitted with a unique transmission type called a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This type of transmission does not use traditional gears to shift between speeds, but rather relies on a pulley and belt system. Rather than shifting between distinct gears, the CVT gradually adjusts its gear ratio when the throttle is increased, allowing for a smoother ride and greater fuel economy.

Manual Transmissions

While many Nissan Juke vehicles are outfitted with a CVT, some do come with a traditional manual transmission. These manual transmissions have 5 or 6 gears, and allow the driver to select the optimal gear for the terrain and conditions.

Automatic Transmissions

A small portion of Nissan Juke models come with an automatic transmission which has a total of 7 gears. This type of transmission includes the ability to manually shift through gears for optimal power and acceleration.

The Advantages of CVT

Continuously Variable Transmissions provide a number of practical advantages for the Nissan Juke owner. In addition to providing a smoother ride, CVT’s are also more fuel efficient and require less maintenance.

Final Thoughts

The transmission type you choose for your Nissan Juke will depend on personal preference and driving style. The majority of Nissan Juke vehicles come with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), while a smaller percentage of models feature either a manual or automatic transmission. CVT’s can provide greater fuel efficiency and smoother performance, but a manual or automatic transmission can give you the control and versatility you are looking for.