how much do baby pitbulls cost


What is the Cost of Baby Pitbulls?

Are you considering getting a baby pitbull as your next family pet? Baby pitbulls are some of the most loyal and affectionate dogs around, so no wonder why you would want to find out what their cost is. Here is a comprehensive guide to let you know how much do baby pitbulls cost.

Average Price

The average cost of a baby pitbull usually falls between $200-$800. This wide range in price is due to a variety of factors such as the breeder’s reputation, coat color, line of breeding, and more. For example, a breeder who specializes in designer pitbulls may charge more than a breeder who is selling dogs of different kinds.

Additional Costs

Besides the price of the puppy, there are other additional costs associated with having a baby pitbull. Take a look at some of these additional costs that you might encounter:

  • Vet costs – in order to keep your baby pitbull healthy, you will need to cover vet costs such as vaccinations, check-ups, and other treatments. Depending on the type of treatment, these can range from $50 to $1500.
  • Food – for a healthy and balanced diet, you should expect to spend about $50-$100 per month on high-quality dog food.
  • Supplies – when welcoming a dog into your family, there are many supplies that you should buy like a leash, collar, toys, and more. These will usually cost around $100-$250.


As you can see, while the price of a baby pitbull can vary, there are also other associated costs that should be taken into consideration. All in all, it’s important to remember that when you get a pet, you’re not only paying for their price but for the care and love that you’ll give them throughout the years.