how much is curly the beanie baby worth


How Much is Curly the Beanie Baby Worth?

The 1990s era Beanie Baby, Curly, has become a popular collector’s item. Released as part of the original nine Beanies in 1993, Curly quickly rose to become one of the most sought-after Beanie Babies.

For those considering collecting Beanie Babies, or those who have one of these original nine, it is natural to ask: “How much is Curly the Beanie Baby worth?”

Assessment of Value

The value of a Beanie Baby relies heavily on its condition and provenance. For example, an original Curly in mint condition with its tag still in tact can be highly valuable; if its tag is missing, then its value may be considerably void. It is important to have the tag included in order to assess the true value of any Beanie Baby.

At auction, the value of Curly is largely determined by the state of the tag. This can range from the low hundreds for a worn Curly, to thousands for a Curly in mint condition.

Things to Consider

In addition to considering the state of the tag, there are other things to consider when assessing the value of a Beanie Baby. Where it was purchased and how much it was purchased for are two important factors.

People have paid large sums of money – often hundreds of dollars – for a single Curly. This is a reflection of its rarity, age, and condition.

Rarity and Popularity

Curly is, without a doubt, the most sought-after Beanie Baby in the original nine. Some estimate its value to be as much as 10 times higher than the other original nine.

The reason for its high value is its rarity and its popularity among collectors. It is estimated that there are fewer than 5,000 Curly Beanie Babies in existence, making it one of the rarest toys on the market.


In conclusion, determining the value of a Curly Beanie Baby is a complicated process. It is important to consider the condition of the tag, where it was purchased, and how much it was bought for. The infrequency of these beloved toys makes them highly valuable, with prices ranging from the low hundreds (for a worn Curly) to thousands (for a mint version).