how much is rainbow the beanie baby worth



The Worth Of Rainbow The Beanie Baby

The Rainbow the Beanie Baby is considered to be one of the most valuable Beanie Babies. Because of its rarity and its special features, Rainbow is worth thousands of dollars. Here are some of the reasons as to why Rainbow is so valuable.

Special Features

Rainbow the Beanie Baby is a single bear with a unique color combination. Rainbow has multi-colored fur, blue eyes and a pink nose. It makes it stand out compared to other Beanie Babies.


The Rainbow the Beanie Baby was produced in 1998, but shortly after it was retired. Being retired adds to the value as it is now a limited edition item.

Limited Number Produced

Since the Rainbow the Beanie Baby was retired so quickly, it means there weren’t many made. This means that it is even more rare, increasing its worth even more.

The Worth Of Rainbow Today

Rainbow the Beanie Baby is now worth thousands of dollars, dependent on its condition and authenticity. A mint version of the Rainbow the Beanie Baby can be worth up to $15,000. Even pre-loved versions of the bear can be valued at hundreds of dollars.


We can see that Rainbow the Beanie Baby is an incredibly valuable item. Its rarity and special features make it one of the most desirable and expensive Beanie Babies ever made.