how much newborn clothes to buy


What to Know When Buying Newborn Clothes

Newborns grow quickly, meaning that you don’t need an extensive wardrobe of clothes when they arrive. When buying clothes for a newborn, it is important to consider the following:

Cold Weather Clothing

Babies are usually chilly, so it is important to ensure they are wearing enough layers of clothing when the weather is cold. Here’s a checklist of what to buy:

  • Footed sleepers: These have a zipper or poppers that make them easy to get on and off.
  • Tops with snaps or zippers: This allows easy access for diaper changes.
  • Hats: Get a couple of soft and stretchy hats that are a little too big for your baby.
  • Socks or booties: Buy a few pairs for colder days.
  • Mittens: These will help prevent your baby from scratching their face.

Warm Weather Clothing

When it’s hot, your baby will need light, breathable clothing to keep them cool. Here’s what to buy:

  • Onesies with short or long sleeves: Choose onesies with snaps or buttons.
  • Cotton sleepers or gowns: Sleepers should have a zipper or poppers for easy diaper changes.
  • Shorts: Look for lightweight fabric, such as cotton, to help keep your baby cool.
  • Hats: Choose lightweight hats to help keep the sun off your baby’s face.

Overall, you don’t need to buy a huge wardrobe for your newborn. Instead, focus on getting quality clothing that will keep them comfortable and stylish. Buy a few pieces that you can easily layer when the weather changes.