how much to give for baby shower


How Much Is Appropriate To Give For A Baby Shower?

When a friend or family member is soon expecting, one of the best ways to celebrate is with a baby shower. Gifts are a central part of the baby shower, and it can be overwhelming to decide how much should be given at such a special event.

How Much to Spend for a Baby Shower Gift

Choosing a baby shower gift depends on your budget. Experts suggest spending anywhere from $25-$75 dollars depending on your relationship with the expecting parent(s).

Types of Baby Gifts

When choosing a gift for the baby shower, it is best to prioritize practical gifts that the expecting parent(s) can use. Some ideas are:

  • Diapers: Diapers are essential for any new parent – You can purchase a pack of a few dozen, or contribute to the diaper fund.
  • Clothing: Clothing items such as onesies, sleepers, rompers, and socks are useful for newborns.
  • Blankets: Mom’s love to wrap their babies in a snuggly swaddle, so a good quality and warm blanket is a great gift.
  • Nursery items: A changing table, baby swing or crib are useful long-term investments for the expecting parent.

Alternatives to Baby Shower Gifts

There are other ways to congratulate an expecting parent – you could offer your services to help with some tasks:

  • Babysitting: Offer to babysit so the parents can enjoy a date night.
  • Housework: Offer to clean, to shop for groceries, or to help organize the nursery.
  • Scrapbooking: Offer to help create a scrapbook of the baby’s first days.
  • Financial advice: Consider lending advice to the parents on how to best manage finances with a new baby.

You don’t need to break the bank to show your love for the expecting parent. A thoughtful gift – or your services – will be greatly appreciated!