how much to give for baby shower


Gift Giving Etiquette When Attending a Baby Shower

When attending a baby shower it is important to come with a gift to mark the special occasion. Baby showers are joyous occasions celebrating the arrival of a newborn and help to prepare the parents for the new life they will soon be having. But how much should you give for a baby shower? Here are some tips for determining baby shower gift giving etiquette.

Start with a Budget

Start by setting a budget before you even begin to shop for a baby shower gift. Since many people give gifts when they attend a baby shower, it is important to stick within the boundaries of your budget.

Think What the Parents Need

One of the most important elements to consider when giving a baby shower gift is what the parents-to-be may need. If you know them well, think about what items they may need to prepare for the newborn. If you are undecided on what to give, gift cards or money can make great gifts.

Think Special

When attending a baby shower you should give something a bit more special than everyday gifts. A personalized gift can make a great baby shower gift; such as a blanket with the baby’s initials embroidered on it.

Select a Theme

Check with the hostess or parents-to-be to see if they have a particular theme for the baby shower. The theme chosen can help narrow down the type of gifts you will bring to the shower.

Importance of Receiving Gift Receipts

When buying gifts for a baby shower, be sure to include gift receipts in the packages. This can make it easier for the parents-to-be to return or exchange items for the correct size, color or any other concern they may have.


In conclusion, you can give any amount that is within your budget or what is most meaningful and be confident that you will make the parents-to-be and their baby very happy. Remember the most important part is your presence and the joy that a baby shower brings.