how old is baby santana 2021


How old is Baby Santana in 2021?

Baby Santana has officially become a 3-month-old, making her 2021 birthday milestone one to remember! Born on February 9, 2021, to singer Benny Blanco and Instagram star Haze Barona, Baby Santana is making her mark as one of the world’s most beloved celebrity babies.

Here’s What We Know About Baby Santana

  • Famous Parents: Baby Santana has some famous parents! Her father, Benny Blanco, is a Grammy Award-winning producer, songwriter, and performer. Her mother, Haze Barona, is an Instagram star.
  • Nickname: Baby Santana is often referred to as “Sany” or “Santita.”
  • Birthday: Baby Santana was born on February 9, 2021 and will be celebrating her first birthday in February 2022.

Celebrating Baby Santana’s 2021 Birthday Milestone

Baby Santana’s family shared photos from her 3-month milestone on Instagram. Mom Haze Barona posted a precious shot of Baby Santana wearing matching pink and purple decorations with her uncle and wrote, “Happy 3 months old Sany.” An outpouring of love and support for Baby Santana was quick to follow, and both of her parents showed their appreciation for the kind words.

It’s no surprise that Baby Santana is already so loved and cherished – we can’t wait to see all the milestones she will hit throughout 2021 and celebrate alongside her family.