how soon to send out baby shower invites


How Soon to Send Out Baby Shower Invites

Having a baby shower is a great way of celebrating the upcoming birth of a child and showing your loved ones how excited you are. It also gives you an opportunity to get the necessary items for preparing for the baby. However, sending out invitations can be a tricky task. Knowing how soon to do this can be a bit confusing, so here are a few helpful tips to make the job a bit simpler.

Timing of Invitations

The timing of the invitations depends on how formal the baby shower will be. If it will be a more casual gathering, invitations can be sent out 4-6 weeks in advance. In the case of a more formal celebration with guests from further away or with more complex catering options, it is best to give 6-8 weeks of notice. It is also important to be mindful of any holidays or other special occasions that may be happening around the same time as the shower and make sure to avoid sending out the invitations during these time periods.

Other Considerations

When sending out the invitations, it is important to take into account other factors than just the date of the shower. Here are a few important points you should consider when sending out the invites:

  • Guest List: Make sure to make a complete list of invited guests and their contact information
  • Location: When selecting a location, think of how many people will be attending, the time of day, how accessible it will be, and whether there is enough space
  • RSVP: Always include an RSVP date to find out who is attending and how many people to expect
  • Gifts: If applicable, include a request for gifts on the invitation, such as a list of items the expecting parents need


In conclusion, it is important to plan ahead when sending the baby shower invites and keep in mind the considerations mentioned above. Depending on a few factors, including the formality of the event and the amount of people invited, invitations should be sent out 4-8 weeks in advance. Taking these steps will ensure that everything is prepared for the big day and everyone can enjoy the celebration.