how to announce baby registry without baby shower


Announcing a Baby Registry Without a Baby Shower

Having a baby is a momentous occasion worth celebrating, but it’s not always possible to have an in-person baby shower. Here are some tips to help you announce your baby registry without the traditional baby shower.

Spread the Word Through Social Media

Social media is a great tool for announcing a baby registry without a baby shower. You can:

  • Update your profile picture to include something that announces you’re expecting, or your gender reveal if you’ve done one already.
  • Send out a post about your baby registry including links to the registry’s website or app, as well as any other pertinent details family and friends need to know.
  • Share photos and stories from your journey as an expecting mother.

Call or Email Friends and Family

If your friends and family aren’t on social media, you could reach out to them through calls or emails. Let them know your due date and give them the link to your baby registry. You could even have a virtual hangout where you can share your ultrasound pictures or other details about the new baby.

Create a Baby Registry Website

Make an announcement website with all the pertinent information on it. Include your due date, registry items, gender reveal details if any, and any other updates you may have on the pregnancy. It’s a great way for family and friends to stay up to date on all the baby news.

Send Out Printed Announcements

Send printed announcements to your friends and family. Write a brief message detailing the new baby on the way and include the link to the baby registry on the card or letter. It’s a nice, personal touch that is sure to make them smile.

Post it in the Mailbox

If you’re looking for a way to spread the word about your new baby without going door to door, you could have a flyer printed out with all the details and post it in your neighbors’ mailboxes. You could also have them distributed at your local library or other places your family and friends are likely to frequent.

Announcing a baby registry without a baby shower doesn’t have to be difficult. Taking the time to find a way to spread the word about your new bundle of joy will ensure your friends and family are excited to celebrate your special day.