how to block stairs without baby gate



How to Block Stairs Without a Baby Gate

Parents with toddlers often worry about the danger of stairs, which can be very hazardous for little ones. Although baby gates are the recommended way to block toddlers from getting to the stairs, if a baby gate isn’t an option, there are several other ways to protect your children from the dangers posed by stairs.

1. Get Creative

Be creative and use furniture, door thresholds, and couches as barriers. Reinforce them with other objects, such as decorative pillows, or move furniture that is not existing.

2. Add baby door knob covers

If your little one wants to get up to mischief, install baby door knob covers that will prevent them from opening a door leading to the stairs. It may be a good idea to also add locks at the top of your stairs as an extra precaution.

3. Use laundry bins and boxes

You can create an efficient blocker using small-sized luggages, laundry bins, and large moving boxes. Line them up in front of the stairs, making sure the line runs across the top of the stairs, so your toddler can’t outsmart you by crawling around the side of an object they’d find under the stairs.

4. Install baby gates

Baby gates are the best way to ensure your little one is safe from stair-related injuries. They also come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to fit a variety of homes. Some baby gates can even be installed on stairs that don’t have existing walls or doorways, so you can still keep your toddler safe.

No matter which blocking technique you choose, always keep an eye on your little one and make sure they are safe when it comes to going near the stairs.