how to breastfeed while baby wearing



How to Breastfeed While Baby Wearing

Breastfeeding while baby wearing has many benefits, including improved bonding and the ability to multitask more easily while feeding the baby. It takes a bit of practice, but can be a great way to keep your baby close while getting things done.

Things You’ll Need:


    • Carrier (wrap, slings or MeiTai)


    • Breastfeeding-friendly clothing that gives you easy access


    • Mirror (optional)




    • Position your baby correctly – Start with your baby correctly positioned in the carrier. He should be positioned facing your breasts tummy to tummy, and be as high up on your body as possible and as close to your breast as possible.


    • Lift your top up and hold your baby in place – Lift the top you’re wearing, and hold your baby in place with one hand underneath your top near your breast. Using your other hand, pull your breast out.


    • Set the baby’s mouth to your breast – If you’re unable to see your baby’s mouth, use one hand to set it to your breast. You can try different angles until you find the most comfortable for you.


    • Let him feed – Once you find the most comfortable position for you both, you can let your baby feed from your breast.


    • Check the baby’s position regularly – The baby’s mouth should be in the same position on your breast throughout the feed, so you’ll need to readjust his position from time to time. A mirror can help you to monitor his position.


Remember to practice often to perfect this skill. Baby wearing while breastfeeding can be a great way to bond with your baby while getting things done. With time and practice, this can be a great way to feed your baby.