how to check gear ratio by spinning the tire


How to Check Gear Ratio by Spinning the Tire

It is important to ensure that your car’s gear ratio is suitable for the terrains that you will be driving on. There is an easy way to check your current gear ratio by simply spinning the tire. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Determine Gear Ratio Number

Before you start spinning the tire, determine the gear ratio number of your car. This can usually be found in your owner’s manual or online.

Step 2: Take Measurements

Measure the circumference of your tire and the number of times it takes to complete one revolution. You will need to make multiple measurements, ensuring they are as precise as possible.

Step 3: Calculate

Once you have all the necessary measurements, calculate the ratio by dividing the circumference by the number of complete rotations. This will give you a ratio number that you can compare to the gear ratio recommended for your car.

Step 4: Adjust If Necessary

If the ratio number is drastically different than the one listed in your car’s manual, you may want to consider adjusting the gear ratio, which can be done by changing the size of the tires, if necessary.

Remember to Always Practice Safety:

Before attempting to spin the tire, it is important to make sure that you practice safe driving habits. In addition, make sure that your car or the surface that you are driving on is secure before spinning the tire.