how to clean cricut mat with baby wipes



How to Clean a Cricut Mat with Baby Wipes

Cricut cutting machines are a great tool for creating intricate designs and personalizing a variety of materials. To fine-tune your cuts and achieve the best outcome, use baby wipes to keep your mats clean. Here are the necessary steps:

Step 1: Right Supplies & Location

    • Gently clean baby wipes, like Pampers Sensitive Wipes


    • A lint-free cloth


    • Cricut Standard Grip, LightGrip, or StrongGrip mat


    • Clean, flat surface


Step 2: Prep the Baby Wipes

    • Please note: never spray water or cleaning solution directly onto the mat. This could damage it or the adhesive.


    • While still in the package, carefully fold a wipe several times.


    • Keep folding or tear the wipe in half, creating a smaller sheet.


    • This will help you avoid using too much product on the mat.


Step 3: Clean the Mat

    • With the smaller wipe in your hand, gently wipe away any marks on the mat.


    • Make sure to move in the same direction and use light pressure.


    • Refold the wipe and repeat until the mat is clean.


Step 4: Dry the Mat

    • Using the dry, lint-free cloth, pat and dry the mat.


    • This will help prevent any moisture from creating streaks or smears.


    • For added protection, you can also dab the mat with rubbing alcohol.


Step 5: Store the Mat

    • Once the mat is completely clean and dry, store it in a cool, dry place.


    • Avoid extreme temperatures and sunlight, as this will damage the mat.


    • Check in on the mat occasionally to make sure it’s still in good condition.


Cleaning your Cricut mat with baby wipes will make your projects look neat and polished. The five steps outlined above are relatively quick and easy, so keep the mat clean and be confident in the results you get when using it.