how to clean eyelids with baby shampoo



How to Clean Your Eyelids with Baby Shampoo

Taking care of our eyes is essential for a healthy life, and eyelids are no exception. And one of the best ways to keep them clean is to use baby shampoo! Baby shampoo is the right choice for cleaning eyelids because it is mild, free of irritants and won’t be harsh on the delicate sensitive skin around your eyes.

Here’s how to get started with cleaning your eyelids with baby shampoo:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly. Before you begin, make sure you have cleaned your hands with soap and warm water. This is an important step to avoid infection.
  • Prepare your washing solution. Mix 1-2 drops of baby shampoo with 2 tablespoons of warm water. You may use a few more drops if you feel the need, but try to keep the concentration low.
  • Wet a cotton pad. Use the cotton pad to wet the corners of your eye, as well as your eyelid.
  • Use the solution. Using the same cotton pad, softly massage your eyelid with the solution, taking extra care to massage the rim of your eyelid.
  • Rinse off the solution. When you’re done washing, rinse off the solution with clean, lukewarm water.
  • Apply moisturizer. It’s important to keep your eyes moisturized, so apply nourishing eye cream to the area after you clean it.

Additional Tips:

  • It’s recommended that you clean your eyelids every day. This will help to keep eyelids healthy and to prevent infection.
  • Make sure you never use tap water to rinse your eyes, as it may contain bacteria and could be harmful to your eyes. Use boiled and cooled water to be safe.
  • Avoid using cotton pads that are too rough as they could irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes.
  • If you experience any redness, itching, or discomfort during the cleaning process, stop and seek medical advice.


Cleaning your eyelids with baby shampoo is the best way to make sure they are clean and healthy. Following the steps outlined above, you should have no problem keeping your eyelids clean and free from infection. Just remember to wash your hands before you start, use a mild solution, and rinse off the solution before applying any moisturizer.