how to clean newborns tongue


How to Clean Newborns Tongue

Taking care of newborns can be so exhausting and one of the most challenging tasks is cleaning their mouth and tongue. Newborns have very sensitive and fragile skin. Care should be taken when cleaning and special methods are required as compared to adults and older children.

Tools Needed:

  • Soft wash cloth: A soft clean wash cloth to clean and wipe your babies mouth and tongue
  • Soft toothbrush: A very soft toothbrush to clean your babies tongue and gums
  • Gauze: To swab out their mouth and remove plaque if any
  • Dental floss: To remove plaque built up in hard to reach places.
    • Steps to Clean Newborns Tongue

      1. The first step to clean your newborns tongue is to take a soft wash clothe with warm water. Rub their tongue gently with the moist wet wash clothe. Clean all over the tongue including the sides.
      2. As your baby starts teething you can then use a very soft toothbrush and rub their tongue. Make sure you don’t accidentally harm it by brushing it too hard.
      3. If the baby has thick saliva or milk scum, you can also take a small piece of gauze or a soft and fresh piece of a wash cloth and swab out their mouth.
      4. To remove plaque form the sides of the tongue or other harder to reach places, you can use dental floss. Go gently and without forcing the floss of the baby’s tongue.

      Cleaning newborns mouth and tongue is not quite complicated or dangerous but you should take care to do it gently and using the right utensils. Be very gentle so you don’t hurt the babies delicate skin and make sure that the items you are using are fresh, clean and dry.