how to clean snorkeling gear


Cleaning Snorkeling Gear

Whether you’re a beginner snorkeler taking your first dip in the waves or an experienced explorer swimming beneath the surface, keeping your snorkeling gear clean and in top condition is essential for safe, enjoyable snorkeling. Here are the steps for cleaning your snorkeling gear.

Materials Needed

  • De-chlorinated water
  • Neutralizing solution
  • Sunglasses cleaning cloth/towel
  • Soft brush

Steps to Clean Snorkeling Gear

  1. Soak your mask, snorkel and fins in de-chlorinated water. De-chlorinated water helps remove salt, sand and silt that can build up over time.
  2. Rinse all your snorkeling gear with warm, clean water. This is to remove any excess saltwater and dirt.
  3. Combine your neutralizing solution with warm water and use it to clean your mask. This solution helps remove any bacteria that may have built up.
  4. Wipe the inside of your mask with a sunglasses cleaning cloth or soft towel. This helps prevent any scratches on the lenses.
  5. Use warm water and a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris that may have lodged in the fins or teeth of your snorkel.
  6. Finally, air dry all your snorkeling gear. Do not use a dryer or other form of artificial heat to speed up the drying process.

By following these steps for cleaning your snorkeling gear, you’ll ensure that your equipment is in top shape and ready for your next adventure.