how to clean snorkeling gear


How to Clean Your Snorkeling Gear

Snorkelling is an exciting water sport and one that should be enjoyed by all. But with snorkeling comes the responsibility to keep your equipment clean and stored properly. Here are some simple steps to follow for cleaning your snorkelling gear:


  • Rinse Your Gear: Begin by thoroughly rinsing the equipment in fresh water. This will help to remove any salt, sand, or debris from the surfaces of each item.
  • Soap and Scrub: Use a mild, organic soap and a soft bristle brush to remove stubborn dirt and algae particles that may have accumulated on the snorkelling gear.
  • Thoroughly Rinse Again: After finishing scrubbing, run a few rounds of rinsing to ensure that all soap suds have been removed.
  • Dry and Store: Lastly, make sure that the equipment is completely dry before you store it away.

By following the steps outlined above, your snorkelling gear will be cleaned and ready for use whenever the adventure calls. Have fun and stay safe!