how to convince your husband to have another baby


Convincing Your Husband to Have Another Baby

Adding to your family can be a difficult decision for couples to make, with plenty of factors to consider. If you are finding that you are wanting to add a new baby to your family, but your husband just isn’t agreeing, this article will help you try and figure out why he may be feeling hesitant, and is full of helpful tips to try and persuade him.

Talk Through Your Wishes

Sit down with your husband and discuss why you would like another baby, and reasons why you think now is a good time. Talk through the positives and negatives of having a new baby and what affect it would have on your lives. Communication is key when it comes to trying to get your husband’s approval.

Try To Understand His Reasoning

Your husband may have reasons why he is not wanting to add to your family.

  • Financial considerations: Kids are expensive, and this may be weighing on his mind. Talk through the financial implications and try and come up with some ways to adjust your spending.
  • Time commitment: Having a baby is a huge commitment and requires big lifestyle changes. Talk to your husband about how you would manage these changes and how it would affect your schedule.
  • Health concerns: If there are complications in your husband’s family history that might mean having another baby is not a good idea, take time to research and talk to a doctor.

Try to understand your husband’s point-of-view and come up with constructive ways to make the situation better.

Be Ready to Compromise

Be ready to compromise and make your husband feel like his opinion is being respected. If your husband doesn’t want to have another baby, can you move to a different level of commitment such as pet ownership or fostering? Changing your mentality and being understanding of his perspective can be the key to coming to an agreement that both you and your husband are happy with.

Go over the Pros of Adding to Your Family

When trying to get your husband to agree to having another baby, make sure to point out all the benefits of growing your family.

  • A child can bring joy to a family and increase the love between the parents.
  • Each person can have someone to relate to and learn to be patient with.
  • Having multiple children makes your family more complete and fosters an increased sense of security.
  • You create more opportunities to build a stronger bond between siblings.
  • Your children will have their own support system with each other.

Go over these points with your husband to help build a more positive attitude towards the idea of having another baby.

Adding a new baby to your family is a big decision, and one that needs to be discussed and agreed upon by both parties. Talk through the issue openly and honestly and make sure to respect your partner’s opinion. It’s important to emphasise the positives of having another baby and be ready to compromise and come to a mutual understanding.