how to draw a baby dummy



How to Draw a Baby Dummy

Drawing a baby dummy can be a fun and creative way to add character to a picture. Whether it’s for a cartoon or an artwork, these tips will help you in creating a realistic-looking baby dummy.

Tools and Materials


    • Pencils: A regular pencil and a softer pencil, preferably 6B.


    • Paper: Any kind of paper that can hold the draw.


    • Eraser: A clean eraser to refine your lines.


Step by Step Process


    1. The first step is to draw a circle in the center of the paper, this will be the dummy’s head.


    1. Draw two ovals on the sides of the circle to suggest the arms and the legs.


    1. Starting from the bottom of the circles, draw a curved line on each side to indicate the feet.


    1. Draw two small curved lines on the arms for the hands.


    1. Draw small circles for the eyes and the nose.


    1. Draw a small curved line for the mouth.


    1. Using a softer pencil, draw two semicircles with jagged edges for the ears.


    1. Carefully erase the extra lines and refine the lines using the eraser.



That’s it, you now have a cute baby dummy drawing. If you want to add more details like hair or clothes, feel free to do so. You can also experiment with different shapes, like stars and triangles, to give your drawing a unique and creative look. Have fun!