how to draw a baby’s face


How to Draw a Baby’s Face

It is fairly simple to draw a cute and realistic baby’s face. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, anyone can follow these basic steps to learn how to draw a baby’s face. Here is a quick guide to how to draw a baby’s face:

Step 1: Draw a Simple Oval Shape

  • Start by drawing a simple oval shape with a light pencil. The size of the oval depends on the size of the baby’s face you want to draw, so in the beginning it is important to find an appropriate size.

Step 2: Place the Eyes

  • Next, place the eyes inside the oval shape. Eyes in a baby’s face can range in size and shape but for the most basic drawing, draw two small circles and fill them in with a light grey color.

Step 3: Draw the Nose and Mouth

  • Draw the nose right below the eyes. Draw a small curved line and two small dots for the nostrils. Then draw the mouth in the lower part of the oval. Draw two curved lines for the lips which give the mouth an “S” shape.

Step 4: Draw the Hair and Ears

  • Draw a line across the top of the oval as a guideline for the hair. To create the baby’s hairstyle, draw small curved lines overlapping one another. You can draw the ears right below the hairline and use short curved lines to fill them in. Draw two small curved lines inside the ears to give them more detail.

Step 5: Shade and Color the Face

  • Shade and color the face by blending different colors of pencils. You can give the baby a rosy look by adding pinkish hues around the eyes, cheeks, and lips. For darker babies, it can also be useful to add darker hues such as brown and black to imitate darker skin tones.

With these simple steps, you can now draw a basic baby’s face. If you want to create a realistic and detailed drawing of a baby’s face, be sure to add more details such as eyebrows, eyelashes, and even freckles. With practice, you can learn how to create a beautiful baby face with just a few simple steps.